Reading the green does not mean you have to look at the cup from all angles lying flat like the picture shown !
Mastering a few simple guidelines can be a huge help:

  1. Look for the highest and lowest point of the green - this will give you a general idea of the slope
  2. If you have a chance to observe another player putt before you - then observe the speed of the green (is the ball moving fast / slow)
  3. Look at your putting line from behind your ball and from behind the cup
  4. By now you should have an idea of which way the ball will roll and how fast the green is
  5. Based on the slope - you should also have an idea how to adjust your putting line ( This is where the Putting compass helps in training you)
  6. Make sure that when you putt - the ball has enough impact to go at most 1 club beyond the hole (basic guideline)
  7. Always take your time to take one practice swing and putt
  8. The finer details about grass type ,the cutting direction,.. can be left to the pro's