Golfing in Michigan

Golfing in Michigan

Intuitive Design Inc.
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Thank you for visiting the Putting Compass website. I am Rajeev Thakur - the owner and sole employee of Intuitive Design Inc.

The Putting compass was born out of my passion for playing golf since 1995. I am a licensed professional engineer in the state of Michigan - a wonderful place for golfing with hundreds of public golf courses in scenic landscapes. An engineer's mind is always brimming with ideas - As an amateur golfer - I notice that we spend more time practicing on the driving range than on the putting green. In the process of playing and trying to improving my game - I always keep a record of my drive shots, iron shots, wedge and putts. I find that often putting takes as many strokes as getting to the green !. I saw the need for a repeatable way to know the slope of the green - that way you learn how to play the grade. This is how the putting compass idea was born.

I have designed this product to be simple, robust and with a amateur golfer in mind. It is small, light, fits in your pocket, will not break if dropped and is accurate. If for some reason you lose it on the course - the price is also kept reasonable enough to not lose sleep over it !.

I hope you try it out and I am always open to feedback on how to improve it. Happy golfing !


Rajeev Thakur
Novi, Michigan